About Hana


Hana Baby Wraps are bamboo stretchy wraps that can be used from the newborn stage as they offer full head and neck support and carry your baby in a healthy and safe position. They are exceptionally suitable from birth and for the very young, as they offer the protection and closeness that little ones thrive on.

Bamboo fabric is lush and light, anti-bacterial, hypo allergenic and buttery soft. It also offers natural UV protection, and it helps to regulate your body temperature. So it’s cool and safe to wear in summer, and keeps you nice and warm in the colder months. It truly makes a wrap for all seasons!

The high level of comfort and freedom of movement our wraps offer make them ideal to use both around the house as well as around town or the outdoors. To find out more about our wrap and how they can benefit you and your lifestyle, while keeping your baby happy and healthy – browse our site and visit our features, faq and benefits pages.外

The Hana Swaddle is a swaddle pod made of bamboo fabric, cotton and elastane. It envelops your baby in comfort and helps baby sleep more peacefully and for longer while it carries all the benefits of bamboo. The two way zipper makes nappy changes quick and simple.




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