Hana’s story

Hana Baby

It all began when my three week old baby girl Hannah wasn’t feeling well, and she wanted to be carried every single minute of the day, every day. I had been feeling very happy and secure in my role as a new mum, but then for the first time I felt stressed, unable to do anything. Hannah was asking for constant attention. I could not put her down for a single minute, not even when she was asleep, as she’d wake up again instantly. My hands were tied, and I couldn’t do anything, barely even make myself a sandwich…

We had a regular baby carrier at home, which I started using. It didn’t feel secure though, as Hannah’s head was jostling from left to right, and my shoulders started aching pretty quickly. After doing some sling and baby carrier research online I decided to buy myself a baby wrap carrier. When I used it I got hooked instantly. It was incredibly comfortable, and I was having Hannah with me in the wrap for hours at a time without problems to her or me. Apart from the emotional security it offered to both of us, it allowed me to get on with daily life, while she was cosy and contented or asleep in the wraparound baby sling.

But then the weather got warmer. And the warmer it got, the less I could use the wrap as we both got sweltering hot! I really missed the comfort and convenience of using it. Having to use a buggy instead made life much more complicated. Wheeling it through busy shops or on London transport – it didn’t always run smoothly….

I made myself a thin wrap carrier, just so that I could continue wearing Hannah. It did the job, but it wasn’t very elegant, and it wasn’t the greatest fabric. I then started thinking about what fabric would be ideal for this purpose, not just cool and comfortable, but also good for baby and planet. The end product is Hana Baby Wrap, a wraparound baby sling made of bamboo fabric with added organic cotton and a touch of elastane. Bamboo grass grows incredibly quickly and does not need any pesticides or fertilizers, and only uses rain water to grow, which makes bamboo one of the most sustainable fabrics around. Bamboo fabric has many other great benefits. Some of these are that it’s thermo-regulating, making it cool on hot days, but keeping you warm when it’s cold. It is also more breathable than cotton, all of which make it very comfortable to wear. Thanks for reading; I hope you’ll enjoy Hana Baby Wrap as much as I have.

Melissa – Product Designer.




但隨後天氣和暖了,溫度亦提升不少,而我亦開始減少使用揹巾,因為我們都感到熱。我真的很懷念使用它的那種舒適和便利感覺。換轉了使用那些複雜而且笨拙的孭帶,於繁忙的商店或倫敦交通上使用- 感覺一點也不順暢…

於是我做了一個薄薄的揹巾,好讓我能夠繼續揹著凱娜。雖然它不是很優雅,亦不是使用什麼很好的材料,但它還是達到了我的基本要求。之後我開始思考什麼材料才會是最理想呢,不單止是要涼爽舒適,同時還會對凱娜甚至對我們生活在的地球最好呢?最後產品正是Hana baby wrap,由竹纖維混合有機棉及氨綸所制成的環繞式嬰兒揹巾。竹纖維有很多偉大的好處。其中最好的正是它的調溫性,在炎熱天氣中把溫度調低,在氣候轉冷時保持溫暖。它比棉更具透氣度,這所有都使它更舒適。

謝謝妳的閱讀,希望你們也像我一樣,一樣喜歡Hana baby wrap 凱娜寶寶揹巾。

梅麗莎 – 產品設計師。